7 Ways To Find BMO Harris Wire Routing Number

BMO Harris Wire Routing Number? Welcome to our latest blog post! Are you looking for the BMO Harris wire routing number? Look no further, because we’ve got all the information you need right here.

Whether you’re sending money domestically or internationally, knowing your BMO Harris Wire Routing Number is a crucial piece of information that can save you time and hassle.

So sit back and relax as we guide you through everything there is to know about the BMO Harris wire routing number, including how to find it and what it’s used for. Keep reading to learn more!


If you’re looking to transfer money electronically, one of the most important pieces of information you’ll need is the BMO Harris wire routing number. This nine-digit code is unique to each financial institution, and it’s essential for making sure your funds end up where they’re supposed to be.

To find your BMO Harris wire routing number, look at the bottom left corner of your checks or log into your online mobile banking account. You can also call customer service for assistance.

Once you have this number in hand, you can use it to send or receive wires with ease – whether that means paying bills, sending money to friends and family across the country, or wiring funds between accounts.

Remember that different types of transfers may require additional information beyond just the BMO Harris Wire Routing Number Indiana, so always double-check before completing a transaction. With this simple but crucial detail sorted out, you’ll be well on your way towards managing your finances efficiently and securely!

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What Is A BMO Harris Wire Routing Number?

In united states a routing number is a nine digit code and its used to identify financial institutions. It is also called an ABA routing number, an RTN, or a routing transit number. BMO Harris Wire Routing Number is 071025661.

This routing number is unique to BMO Harris and is used to identify the bank when conducting wire transfers, ACH transfers, and other electronic transactions.

Types of Wire Transfer

In addition to domestic wire transfers, BMO Harris offers international wire transfers as well. Domestic wire transfers are used to transfer funds within the United States, whereas international wire transfers are used for international transfers.

To ensure that the funds are received by the intended recipient, it is crucial to use the correct BMO Harris Wire Routing Number when conducting wire transfers.

Domestic Wire Transfer

Domestic Wire transfers are one of the most popular methods of transferring money within the United States. This type of transaction allows you to send funds quickly and securely from your BMO Harris account to another recipient’s bank account.

In order to initiate a domestic wire transfer, you must provide the recipient’s name, BMO Harris Wire Routing Number, account number, and an amount. You can also add any further instructions or notes. Note that BMO Harris typically charges $30 for an outgoing transfer and $15 for incoming transfers.

However, these fees may be different depending on your account type so check with your local branch or customer service representative before initiating the transaction.

Once you’ve provided all necessary information and confirmed that all details are correct, BMO Harris will process your request immediately during regular business hours. Your funds should typically arrive in the recipient’s account within one business day.

Domestic wire transfers can be an efficient way to move money when time is of the essence. Whether you’re paying bills or sending funds as a gift, this option can help ensure that your money arrives where it needs to go quickly and safely.

International Wire Transfer

International wire transfers are transactions that involve sending money between two different countries. Customers of BMO Harris Bank are able to send and receive funds globally through international wire transfers.

BMO Harris Bank requires the recipient’s name, address, and account number (IBAN) when making an international wire transfer. You will also need to provide the receiving bank’s name and BMO Harris Wire Routing Number or BMO Harris Bank SWIFT code.

It is important to note that international wire transfers can take longer than domestic transfers due to additional processing time required by intermediary banks. International wire transfers may also incur fees that vary based on the destination country.

To ensure a successful international wire transfer through BMO Harris Bank, it is important to double-check all information provided before initiating the transaction. It’s always best practice for both parties involved in an international transaction agree upon who should assume these costs prior to agreeing on terms of payment.

BMO Harris Bank strives towards providing comprehensive banking solutions for its clients worldwide.

ACH Transfer Routing Number

ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfer is an electronic transfer of funds between banks in the United States. It’s a convenient way to transfer money online without having to visit your bank physically.

To initiate an ACH Transfer, you need the routing number of your bank and account number along with their address. BMO Harris uses different routing numbers for domestic ACH transfers and wire transfers.

BMO Harris Bank’s ACH Routing Number is 071025661. This nine-digit code helps identify where your account was opened, which can be useful when setting up direct deposit or making automatic bill payments.

Keep in mind that using the wrong routing number can lead to delays or even rejection of transactions, so ensure you double-check before initiating any transaction.

Knowing the correct routing number will help make your banking experience easier and more efficient when conducting financial transactions online.

How To Find BMO Harris Routing Number

BMO Harris Wire Routing Number is a crucial piece of information required for processing various types of financial transactions. There are two ways to find your BMO Harris Routing Number.

Use the right routing number depending on whether it’s a domestic or international wire transfer. Always double-check before initiating any transaction using this information.

Online Banking

Our financial management has been revolutionized by online banking. With BMO Harris Bank, you can access your accounts and perform transactions from anywhere in the world using their online mobile banking platform.

To find your BMO Harris wire routing number for domestic or international wire transfers, simply log in to your account and navigate to the “Transfers” section. From there, you can select either “Domestic Wire Transfer” or “International Wire Transfer,” depending on your needs.

BMO Harris Bank’s online banking platform also allows you to view and download statements, pay bills, transfer funds between accounts, set up alerts, and more. You can even deposit checks remotely through their mobile app.

Setting up an online banking account with BMO Harris is easy – all you need is a valid email address and Social Security number. Once registered, you’ll be able to access your accounts 24/7 and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your financial information is secure with encrypted technology.

Having an online banking account with BMO Harris Bank gives you greater control over your finances while providing convenience at the same time.

Via BMO Harris Check

One of the most straightforward ways to find your BMO Harris wire routing number is by looking at one of your personal checks. At the bottom left corner, you will find the routing number, followed by your account number and check number.

Before you make any wire transfers or ACH transactions, make sure that you have the correct BMO Harris wire routing number. An incorrect routing number can result in delays or even funds being lost.

If you don’t have a physical copy of a check, you can also access your routing number through BMO Harris’ online banking platform. You can access the account details by logging into your account and navigating to the “Account Details” section.

Different types of transactions may require different routing numbers. This includes international wire transfers and ACH transfers, which may have their own distinct codes.

By taking advantage of these resources and verifying all necessary information before initiating any transactions, you can ensure a smooth experience with BMO Harris Bank.

Wire Transfer Processing Schedule

When it comes to wire transfers, timing is crucial. That’s why BMO Harris Bank offers a convenient Wire Processing Schedule that ensures your funds are transferred promptly.

For domestic wire transfers, you should initiate the transfer by 5:00 pm Central Time on a business day in order for it to be processed on the same day. If you miss this deadline or initiate the transfer on a weekend or holiday, it will be processed the next business day.

International wire transfers have different cut-off times depending on the currency being used and destination country. You can check with BMO Harris Bank customer service for specific details regarding your international transfer needs.

It’s important to note that while BMO Harris processes wires promptly, there may still be delays caused by intermediary banks involved in processing international wires or other factors beyond their control.

To ensure smooth and timely processing of your wires transfers, make sure you have all necessary information ready when initiating the transfer and double-checking everything before submitting it for processing.

BMO Harris Customer Service

The customer service team at BMO Harris strives to provide the best possible experience for their clients. They are available 24/7 to address any questions or concerns.

One of the ways BMO Harris sets itself apart from other banks is through its personalized approach to customer service. Their tailored solutions and support are designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

BMO Harris can be contacted by phone, email or live chat on their website. In addition, the bank has an extensive network of branches throughout the US where clients can receive personalized assistance face-to-face.

BMO Harris also offers a comprehensive online banking platform with robust self-service features. Clients can manage their accounts, make payments, transfer funds and more all from their computer or mobile device.

As a result of BMO Harris’ commitment to exceptional customer service, they have been able to build long-term relationships with clients.

Wrapping Up

After delving deep into the world of BMO Harris wire routing numbers, it’s clear that having this information on hand can be incredibly valuable for anyone looking to make wire transfers or ACH transactions.

Whether you’re sending money domestically or internationally, knowing the correct BMO Harris wire routing number is essential for ensuring your funds end up in the right place. And while finding your routing number may seem daunting at first, there are a few simple methods for locating it.

From checking your online banking account to examining a physical check, there are several ways to access your BMO Harris wire routing number with ease. And by keeping track of their wire processing schedule and utilizing their customer service resources when needed, customers can stay informed every step of the way.

Understanding how BMO Harris routing numbers work is crucial for any individual or business owner who frequently engages in financial transactions. With these tips and tricks in mind, you’ll have no trouble navigating through the complex world of wires and ACH transfers.

We hope this article has provided you with the necessary information about BMO Harris wire routing numbers. Remember that using the correct routing number is essential for a smooth transaction, whether domestic or international.

If you have any further questions, check out our FAQs section below:

FAQ's BMO Harris Wire Routing Number

  • What is the difference between a wire transfer and an ACH transfer?

    A wire transfer is a faster way to send money from one bank account to another, while an ACH transfer may take several days to process.

  • How long does it take for a wire transfer to be processed?

    Wire transfers are usually processed within 24 hours, but it may depend on the receiving bank’s processing times.

  • Can I find my BMO Harris routing number on my debit card?

    No. The routing number cannot be found on your debit card; however, it can be found on your checks or by logging into your online banking account.

  • Is there a fee for incoming wires at BMO Harris Bank?

    Yes, there may be fees associated with incoming and outgoing wires at BMO Harris Bank; please contact customer service for more details.

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